A Bro’s First Catch

by Jared Goertzen

At the beginning of March, my son, Nolan, turned 10 years old. For his birthday, my wife and I bought him a new fishing rod for his birthday. This despite the fact that he had never yet caught a fish! But since our family enjoys camping, canoeing, and being at the lake, we thought this would be a great activity for him.

After talking to our local fishing store owner and getting geared up, my son and I hit the water for close to four hours. Even after all of that, the only fish we ended up eating was the McDonald’s version on the way home.

The next weekend came along and a fellow Bro emailed our group letting us know that our local lakes had been stocked. Piggy-backing onto that email, another Bro commented which lake and technique he has had success with. Taking the advice from my fellow Bro’s, my son and I (along with his younger sister, age 7) spent only 90 minutes at the recommended lake, spot, and utilizing the suggested technique. For the first 85 minutes, again we were only coming up with the prospect of having drive-thru fish on the way home. But finally, we caught not one fish, but two at the same time: one on my line and another on my son’s line!

We were elated! It was a day that will not be soon forgotten by my son or myself.

Thanks to my fellow Bro’s for helping make this happen!

Awesome action photos taken by Lauren (7 yrs. old)

Jared Goertzen is a True Bro and and Awesome Dad.  You can reach him here: http://advisor.investorsgroup.com/en/jared_goertzen and connect with him here: https://www.facebook.com/jaredlgoertzen/

A True Bro

What does it mean to be a TRUE BRO? I’m sure you might have your own definition of Bro-Hood and some examples of dudes not being a true Bro when it was time to Bro-up.

My definition of a Bro is someone who’s there for you when you need them and doesn’t judge you unless you ask for their opinion. A True Bro is someone that keeps their promises or is man enough to say they can’t commit to whatever your current request might be. He will let you know what his priorities are and what he can or can’t do for you.

A True Bro is someone that keeps their word. They know who they are and what they stand for.

The bottom line is a Bro doesn’t have to put on pretenses because a bro is someone that is comfortable being who they are and owns the choices they’ve made in life.

Dominic Kotarski – International Consultant | Author | Coach | Trainer | Speaker | Bro

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