Hey Bro – Welcome to the Bro-club!

…where our vision is to create regular time and space for men to authentically connect, share what’s most important in life, and learn and grow from each other – within a supportive, confidential, trusting and fun environment; as well, to create opportunities to meaningfully contribute to the community.

You are as you are, there’s all types of Bro’s. The key is to connect, discuss challenges, share options and encourage forward movement. In a way, the Bro-club is equivalent to your ‘personal go-to sounding board’ – the people you can hang out with for support, give feedback and act as a sounding base for you as you move forward in your life. It’s also about having a ton of fun with like-minded bros!

Components of the club include, but are not limited to:

  1. ‘Bro-meets’: Monthly meet-ups on the first Tuesday evening of each monthly – location TBD. These will follow very specific structures, systems and processes that have a proven success of helping, educating, challenging and inspiring each person to learn, grow and expand who they are and want they want out of life. Consider these meet-ups as the backbone of our Bro-Commitment.
  2. ‘Bro-downs’: Events and adventures throughout the year based on peoples’ interests and leadership in making bro-stuff happen (i.e. camping, fishing, biking, running, and other interests and hobbies).
  3. ‘Bro’s to the Rescue’: The vision is that the Bro-club will also become a go-to-place for people who might need help with stuff. It’s a way that bros can help each other or people Bro’s know in the community. Bro’s have skills, knowledge and Bro-Power so we might as well put it to good use i.e. move a dead fall, shovel snow, jump a car battery, change a light bulb, etc. (this is of course voluntary but a Bro wouldn’t turn down a nice cold beer if it was offered)
  4. ‘Bro-dues’: As the concept grows and meetings and events are planned, costs will be incurred. Therefore there will most likely be a small monthly cost. TBD.
  5. ‘Bro-info’: A website and Facebook page that is already very active. It will include a list and have announcements on upcoming events and opportunities. It will also include a place for educational and inspiring resources that are aligned with our overall vision, values, and all-round sharing Brotherly goodness.



Why not Bro-Scribe and keep up to date with all the Bro stuff happening in your hood. 


How the Bro-Club came to be: Dom and Jono moved to the community of Maple Ridge 5-6 years ago. Being social-minded relational entrepreneurs, they quickly got involved in the community – from both a personal and business aspect – to expand and grow their networks and circles of friends. Through this process they met each other and became great friends and now even business partners. It was however quickly apparent to both of them, that through the experience of ‘getting out there’ (mostly through professional networking meetings), the importance was focused more about what you do, than who you are as a person. You might leave with a pocket full of business cards, but not necessarily any worthwhile relationships. The Bro-club is a hope to change this – transforming what’s most important from the what to the who; where the person is #1, not their profession.

Both Dom and Jono are successful business owners, athletes, husbands and dads, as well, professional life and leadership coaches and group facilitators, studying human psychology, group dynamics, motivation, and what really works to help people reach their potential and wildest goals. They have spent over 25+ years creating their lives and businesses while at the same time juggling their own time for personal health, fitness, creativity, relationships, and work-life balance. As we all know, maintaining these aspects of life at the same time as feeling happy, healthy and fulfilled can be very inspiring and rewarding; however at times, it can also feel overwhelming, challenging, and lonely. There are limited places that guys can go – and just be guys – where they can feel safe and supported amongst other men – in only ways that men know how to share and tell. Because of this, they have decided to take the best elements of their experiences and launch their own Bro-club – where Bro-hood is more about who you are than what you do!

Welcome aboard! We look forward to truly getting to know you and learning about and supporting what’s most important to you!

Dom & Jono

Co-founders, The Bro-club

April 2017

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A True Bro

What does it mean to be a TRUE BRO? I’m sure you might have your own definition of Bro-Hood and some examples of dudes not being a true Bro when it was time to Bro-up. My definition of a Bro is someone who’s there for you when you need them and doesn’t judge you unless …


We’ll let you know about our next Meet-Up

For now we’re meeting at various locations in Maple Ridge, BC – We meet the first Tuesday of every month at 7:30pm. Drop us a line and I’ll let you know about our “secret location.”

Bro Club

13332 McCauley Crescent, Maple Ridge, BC V4R 2V2, CA

Ph: (888) 632-7443

Email: Bro@BroClub.ca

No Regrets

Only serious Bro’s should join but everyone’s welcome at our meet-up’s so what are you waiting on? You can Bro-Scribe here and we’ll let you know about our upcoming meet-ups and events.